The Power and the Glory:  The Original Music and Voices (soundtrack) by Sam Spence, John Facenda, Tom Hedden, David Robidoux



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NFL Films Original Music
by David Robidoux

The Themes of Fall: The Music of Football and Film  - Tracksounds Special Feature

Autumn Thunder: 40 Years of NFL Films Music by Sam Spence, Tom Hedden, and David Robidoux








NFL Films Sampler (Soundtrack) by David Robidoux

NFL Films Original Music
Composed by David Robidoux
Promotional Release (2007)

Rating: 8/10

(This title is currently not available for purchase)


Listen to this soundclip NFL Films Original MusicRoad to the Super Bowl - Title Run (343 kb)

Listen to this soundclip of NFL Films Original MusicNFL Network - Run to the Playoffs (369 kb)

Listen to this soundclip of NFL Films Original MusicFavre 4-Ever - The Last Gunslinger (365 kb)



“Make no mistake, these aren't rehashes of Spence classics such as:  Ramblin' Man from Gramblin' or Up She Rises, but over the next few years could become themes that are just as familiar.  ”

David Robidoux

"There are certain cornerstones that a part of NFL Films' music. There are always big melodies. It's always dramatic. We always follow along with what is dramatic and what is going on in Hollywood now."

Read the full interview with DAVID ROBIDOUX

The NFL's New Groove
Review by Christopher Coleman

Strong thematic music and football are just a given these days.  Every television network that airs NFL games knows it.  Fox's football motif has been well-established since its debut in the mid-nineties.  CBS looked to enigmatic duo of E.S. Posthumus to pen their NFL coverage theme and most recently, NBC contracted, the maestro himself, John Williams to provide their Sunday Night Football theme.  With the birth of the NFL's own network last year, a serious challenge lay before them in musically carving out a distinct personality for itself.  But we are talking NFL Films here...the entity that essentially started it all.

Under the direction of Steve Sabol, NFL Films became the leader in sports documentary production.  With innovative camerawork and editing, NFL Film's productions became the de facto standard for sports features on television.  Over the course of its first 40 years, NFL Films productions were further distinguished by the voice of John Facenda and the music of Sam Spence.

Fast forward to the closing years of the millennium and a bit of a renaissance was underway for production company.  With the National Football League celebrating its 75th season, NFL Films produced a special which originally aired on TNT in 1995.  This 90 minute special won the composing duo of TOM HEDDEN and DAVID ROBIDOUX an Emmy Award.  75 SEASONS: THE HISTORY OF THE NATIONAL FOOTBALL LEAGUE was soon followed by two more projects which helped usher in NFL Films' new age: SIX DAYS TO SUNDAY AND BIG GAME AMERICA.  By the time the NFL NETWORK was born in 2006, under the pens and batons of Hedden and Robidoux, the musical renaissance was in full bloom. However, the launching of THE NFL NETWORK, moved composer DAVID ROBIDOUX into an even greater role in crafting the NFL's new groove.

This 2007 promotional CD contains over an hour of pulse-pounding music, that, like the work of Sam Spence, echoes the musical techniques and sensibilities of the day.  Featured are excerpts from some of the recent projects for David Robidoux including:  ROAD TO THE SUPER BOWL XL and XLI, AMERICA'S GAME:  THE SUPERBOWL CHAMPIONS and FAVRE 4-EVER.  The listening experience of Robidoux's music, ranges from the ominious to determined to inspirational.  For those inclined to the forceful and battle-mode stylings of Hans Zimmer, James Michael Dooley, or Trevor Rabin, David Robidoux's works have much to offer.

Running the gamut of emotions, as the music of NFL Films always has, Robidoux delivers theme after theme, cue after cue of memorable music.  To keep it approachable by today's audiences, yet remain faithful to the musical tradition of NFL Films, Robidoux blends, live orchestra, choral, and synthesized elements with precision.  Make no mistake, these aren't rehashes of Spence classics such as:  Ramblin' Man from Gramblin' or Up She Rises, but over the next few years could become themes that are just as familiar.  Sam Spence's employment of strong percussion is carried on by Robidoux and it is that element that gives a piece its driving determination and in some cases its "groove." 

Among the vast amount of music David Robidoux has written for countless NFL specials like Road to the Super Bowl and Favre 4-Ever and now for the new network, he has also composed the official theme of the Lombardi Trophy which has been used in the last two Super Bowls. No doubt for the youngsters of football fandom, who won't know a world without the NFL Network, it's very possible that one or more of the David Robidoux's themes will become as familiar as ye ol' Monday Night Football theme. 

Included below are some of composer David Robidoux's own comments on the music contained on this disc:

Rating: 8/10

Tracks 1 - 9

These cues were for a show called "Road to The Super Bowl - XLI". It aired on CBS the Saturday before this past Super Bowl. The show comprised four musical themes. These are just some of the cues from the film. Destiny theme (track 1-3), Run theme (track 4-6), Battle theme (track 7), Legacy theme (track 8-9).

Track 10

This is the NFL Game theme for the live game broadcasts of the regular season games on the NFL Network ("Run To The Playoffs"). It's used as the open and bumper ins and outs and highlights.

Tracks 11 - 16

These were cues from a show called America's Game : The Super Bowl Champions". America's Game is a 40 show series (1 hour per show) counting down the best Super Bowls of all time. This show aired on CBS the Saturday before the Super Bowl this year and also on the NFL Network. These are just some of the thematic cues from the show. Cut
12 is the theme of the show and the open.

Tracks 17 - 18

These were from our "Road To The Super Bowl - XL" show that aired on FOX. Much like cuts 1-9 but from the year before.

Tracks 19 - 21

These were from a show called "Favre 4-Ever" which aired on FOX in 2005. (Emmy Winner). The show was on Brett Favre's career. These were the main themes used throughout the show (all other cues were based on these themes). Cut 21 "The Fight Within" was the main theme and the open to the show.

Tracks 22 - 25

These pieces were from another show in the "America's Game: the Super Bowl Champions" series. It also aired on CBS. They are all thematic to the main piece Never Relent.

Notes by David Robidoux


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Track Title Track Time  Rating
1 Road to the Super Bowl - Destiny 2:36  ****
2 Road to the Super Bowl - Destined for Victory 2:22  ****
3 Road to the Super Bowl - Unknown Destiny 2:44  ***
4 Road to the Super Bowl - Title Run 2:23  ***
5 Road to the Super Bowl - Run to the Finish 3:04  ****
6 Road to the Super Bowl - Running Out of Time 1:56  ***
7 Road to the Super Bowl - Epic Battle 3:17  ****
8 Road to the Super Bowl - The Legacy 2:28  ****
9 Road to the Super Bowl - Legacy in the Making 3:14  ****
1o NFL Network - Run To The Playoffs 1:40  *****
11 America's Game : The Super Bowl Champions - Theme 1:34  ****
12 America's Game : The Super Bowl Champions - A Day For Champions 2:46  ****
13 America's Game : The Super Bowl Champions - A Day Of Hope 2:39  ***
14 America's Game : The Super Bowl Champions - A Day To Win 2:51  ****
15 America's Game : The Super Bowl Champions - A Day To Forget 2:31  ***
16 America's Game : The Super Bowl Champions - A Day To Remember 3:46  ****
17 Road To The Super Bowl - XL - Battle Cry 2:41  ****
18 Road To The Super Bowl - XL - Unleashed 1:55  ****
19 Favre 4-Ever - The Last Gunslinger 2:52  *****
20 Favre 4-Ever - A Legend Is Born 2:31  ****
21 Favre 4-Ever - The Fight Within 1:56  ****
22 America's Game: the Super Bowl Champions - Never Relent 2:37  ****
23 America's Game: the Super Bowl Champions - Never Lose Sight 2:31  ***
24 America's Game: the Super Bowl Champions - Never Think It's Over 1:43  ***
25 America's Game: the Super Bowl Champions - Never Forget 2:23  ***

Total Running Time

63 minutes  


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